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Every program we develop is based on Your Needs, Your Specifications, Your Image, and focuses on Your Success. We realize each customized program quickly and effectively.

You don’t fit us; Image Authority fits YOU.


Maximize Image – Uniforms are a simple, but effective, way that businesses can ensure top-of-mind awareness every time a potential customer interacts with an employee. Choosing uniforms that strongly convey an organization’s image fosters a stronger identity every day.

Extend Brand Consistency – A brand is more than a logo—it’s an identity, and a comprehensive Image Authority Uniform program brings unity and focus to that identity.

Encourage Professional Attitude – Apparel exerts a powerful influence on conduct, so members of any professional team feel and act the part.


Foster Employee Pride – Clothing can be designed to suggest expertise, trustworthiness, authority, courage, or (in the kitchen) cleanliness. Even subconsciously, the smallest detail of a uniform has a profound effect on the way a brand—and an employee—is perceived.

Boost Public Confidence – Customers naturally feel more confident dealing with uniformed personnel.

Improve Security – Allowing sensitive information to be compromised can damage customer relationships. Uniforms help associates collectively identify would-be threats and prevent intrusions.